Season 7 of OzBoxLive Radio has been launched with the biggest episode ever.

Join Australian Microsoft Xbox MVP’s Mark & David as they discuss the latest News and Announcements concerning all things Xbox in Australia. In this new season they will feature several Xclusive Interviews with Developers, Producers and Xperts in the Video Games Industry. In this episode four guests from E3 2012 are featured – Forza Horizon, Smart Glass, Xbox Insider and the Xbox Product Marketing Manager.

In this episode…

  • Welcome to Season 7
  • GameMasters
  • EB Games Expo
  • Windows 8
  • Digital Pinball      Project
  • Xbox Music
  • Royal Childrens      Hospital Donation
  • Forza Horizon      (Ralph Fulton)
  • Smart Glass      (Peter Orullian)
  • E3 Xbox Insider      (TheGamerSheep)
  • Xbox Product      Marketing Manager (Adam Pollington)
  • TRAILER –      Halo 4

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